We want to make your job, and your life, easier.

All officers are eligible to join the South Florida PBA as soon as they start police training. Once you apply, your membership will need to be approved by the South Florida PBA Board of Directors. Approval grants you eligibility for all PBA benefits, including the following core services:

Collective Bargaining
The South Florida PBA promises to fight for the best pay, benefits and working conditions of any law enforcement organization in the state of Florida, all negotiated by its Executive Board and top team of in-house attorneys. Members benefit from an established, non-negotiable contract that addresses every aspect of their employment, from promotions and discipline, to wages, benefits, legal issues and more—all administered by the PBA and not your employer.

Death & Disability Plan
Members are eligible for certain death or disability benefits when they are killed or permanently injured in the line of duty. 

24/7 Legal Assistance
Whether it’s a disciplinary case, a civil charge, a shooting, an in-custody death or another legal issue, members will receive legal defense representation from the South Florida PBA's top-notch team of full-time attorneys. Members have access to these attorneys at any time, day or night, as soon as the incident in question occurs. Any member who needs immediate legal assistance should call the South Florida PBA office at (305) 593-0044 and ask to speak with the legal department. 

With the best interests of all members in mind, the South Florida PBA lobbies and negotiates at the local, state and national level.

Members of the South Florida PBA are also eligible to receive the following benefits from the Florida Police Benevolent Association (FLPBA):

Legal Defense Services
Under the Florida Police Benevolent Association, members benefit from free access to the statewide organization’s team of in-house and 40+ retained attorneys, all of whom provide top legal services to Florida law enforcement officers.