We have passionate members who lead us, too.

On a membership level, the South Florida Police Benevolent Association (SFLPBA) is led by an outstanding group of leaders who help make critical decisions that impact the future of the organization. Here are the current SFLPBA members who serve as Board of Directors and Representatives:

Mary AnnStahl Mitzie Brown
Board of Directors Representatives
Victor Abbondandolo Angela Carter
Nubia Azrak Alkibiades Dodge
Al Lopez Ronald Feria
Mike Clifton Sean Gordon
Marcos De Rosa Darryl Hall
James Dixon Ronnie Hufnagel
Alejandro Dominquez Lisa Nesbitt–Bell
Marjorie Eloi Sean McVay
Deborah Fleites Frank Pajon
Eduardo Gaitan Bert Perez
Christopher Hodges Angel Posada
Jorge Interian Julio “JP” Priede
Anthony Rodriguez Chris Rodriguez
John Saavedra Richard “Smitty” Smith
Alberto Seda
Brett Underhill
Joel Valdes
Jody Wright

Representing those brave enough, strong enough and proud enough to wear the badge.


10680 PBA Memorial Boulevard
(NW 25th Street)
Doral, FL 33172

(305) 593-0044

(305) 593-1901


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