We honor those who have fallen.

The South Florida Police Benevolent Association (SFLPBA) remembers the brave men and women in uniform, all of whom were members of our South Florida community, who gave their lives to protect us all:

Rhett McGregor, Deputy Sheriff08/12/1895Dade County Sheriff's Department
Gustav A. Kaiser, Jailer08/17/1895Dade County Sheriff's Department
John Rhinehart Riblet, Officer6/2/1915Miami Police Department
Wilbur W. Hendrickson, Deputy Sheriff6/2/1915Dade County Sheriff's Department
Allen Butler Henderson, Deputy Sheriff9/16/1916Dade County Sheriff's Department
William Z. Henderson, Deputy Sheriff9/16/1916Dade County Sheriff's Department
Charles R. Williams, Deputy Sheriff9/18/1916Dade County Sheriff's Department
Frank Angelo Croff, Officer5/22/1921Miami Police Department
Richard R. Marler, Officer11/28/1921Miami Police Department
Charles D. Bryant, Town Marshal6/15/1923Homestead Police Department
Dillon Duncan Brooke, Corrections Officer10/31/1924Dade County Sheriff's Department
Laurie Lafayette Wever, Sergeant3/15/1925Miami Police Department
Hubert Carl Paul, Officer9/4/1925Coconut Grove Police Department
John D. Marchbanks, Officer2/16/1926Miami Police Department
Samuel J. Callaway, Officer1/10/1927Miami Police Department
Jesse L. Morris, Officer7/8/1927Miami Police Department
Albert R. Johnson, Officer9/25/1927Miami Police Department
James Franklin Beckham, Detective2/3/1928Miami Police Department
David Cecil Bearden, Officer3/20/1928Miami Beach Police Department
Ralph G. Langworthy, Marshal6/10/1928Fulford Marshal's Office
Augustus S. McCann, Officer9/26/1928Miami Police Department
Francis Cyril Guest, Sergeant12/25/1928Coral Gables Police Department
Sidney Clarence Crews, Officer4/25/1929Miami Police Department
John I. Brubaker, Officer3/31/1933Miami Police Department
Robert Lee Jester, Detective11/28/1933Miami Police Department
John Edward Dickson, Deputy Constable12/24/1933Miami Constable's Office-District 2
William Lawrence Nichols, Officer2/4/1936Miami Beach Police Department
Samuel D. Hicks, Officer8/9/1936Miami Police Department
Robert Boyle, Sergeant8/31/1936Miami Beach Police Department
Homer Collins Barton, Sergeant6/1/1938Coral Gables Police Department
Patrick Howell Baldwin, Officer3/29/1940Miami Police Department
Wesley Frank Thompson, Officer9/18/1941Miami Police Department
Luther Paul Daniel, Trooper12/5/1941Florida Highway Patrol
John Milledge, Officer11/1/1946Miami Police Department
Johnnie Young, Officer3/8/1947Miami Police Department
Frampton P. Wichman, Jr., Officer9/24/1948Miami Police Department
Leroy Joseph Lafleur, Officer2/16/1951Miami Police Department
Luther T. Hardison, Constable2/17/1951Coral Gables Police Department
James Herbert Brigman, Officer2/28/1951Miami Police Department
William Franklin Brantley, Chief3/19/1952Homestead Police Department
Edward Emile Fritz, Jr., Officer2/3/1953Metro-Dade Police Department
Robert J. Staab, Lieutenant10/31/1957Bal Harbour Police Department
Billy Howard Stephens, Officer11/23/1957Coral Gables Police Department
John Thomas Burlinson, Officer3/8/1958Miami Police Department
Leonard Claude Tribble, Officer10/18/1958West Miami Police Department
Jerome Roger Christman, Officer12/3/1960Metro-Dade Police Department
Earl Lee Johnson, Officer2/3/1962Metro-Dade Police Department
Jerrel Eugene Ferguson, Officer11/7/1962Miami Police Department
Carlos S. Stuteville, Officer8/22/1964Metro-Dade Police Department
Owen Karl Bender, Captain9/9/1965Florida Highway Patrol
Hugo Max Becker, Detective6/25/1966Hialeah Police Department
Paul G. Anderson,Jr., Officer5/7/1967Metro-Dade Police Department
Walter Franklin Stathers, Officer12/19/1967Coral Gables Police Department
Ronald F. McLeod, Officer5/8/1969Miami Police Department
Joseph O. Kephart, Sergeant1/18/1970South Miami Police Department
Rolland John Lane II, Officer5/23/1970Miami Police Department
Victor Butler, Jr., Officer2/20/1971Miami Police Department
Johnny Edward Mitchell, Officer12/31/1971Metro-Dade Police Department
Robert DeKorte, Officer1/21/1972Coral Gables Police Department
Harrison Crenshaw, Jr., Sergeant5/18/1974Metro-Dade Police Department
Simmons Arrington, Officer5/21/1974Metro-Dade Police Department
Frank Searcy, Officer5/27/1974Miami-Dade Police Department
Charles H. Mann, Special Agent8/5/1974US Justice - Drug Enforcement
Nickolas Fragos, Special Agent8/5/1974US Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration
Thomas Allen Hodges, Jr., Detective4/1/1976Metro-Dade Police Department
Clark Hamilton Curlette, Detective4/1/1976Metro-Dade Police Department
Francis Kenneth D'Azevedo, Detective4/1/1976Metro-Dade Police Department
Bradley Steven Glascock, Trooper8/4/1977Florida Highway Patrol
Elmer Cecil Barnett, III, Trooper2/14/1978Florida Highway Patrol
Louis Pena, Officer4/2/1978Coral Gables Police Department
Alvin Vincent Kohler, Trooper9/19/1978Florida Highway Patrol
William Coleman Cook, Officer5/16/1979Metro-Dade Police Department
Eva Mae Jones, Officer6/1/1979Miami-Dade Department of Corrections
William Franklin Askew, Officer7/24/1979Metro-Dade Police Department
Edward Francis McDermott, Lieutenant5/18/1980Miami Police Department
Alfred William Terrinoni, Sergeant10/12/1980Coral Gables Police Department
Carl W. Mertes, Officer11/5/1980North Miami Police Department
Nathaniel K. Broom, Officer9/2/1981Miami Police Department
Edward Russell Young, Officer9/23/1981Metro-Dade Police Department
Cheryl Weiner Seiden, Officer7/28/1982Metro-Dade Police Department
Bjorn Thomas Svenson, Florida Parole8/31/1982Florida Department of Corrections
Ariel Rios, Special Agent12/2/1982US Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco &Firearms
Stephen Owen Corbett, Officer5/28/1983Metro-Dade Police Department
Eddie Benitez, Special Agent7/12/1983US Department of the Treasury - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Robert L. Zore, Officer12/25/1983Metro-Dade Police Department
Donald Bernard Kramer, Sergeant2/25/1984Miami Beach Police Department
Jose DeLeon, Officer12/21/1984Miami Police Department
John Koppin, Officer12/26/1984Miami Beach Police Department
Robert E. Fitzpatrick, Officer4/3/1985Miami Beach Police Department
John R. Melendez, Officer10/17/1985Bal Harbour Police Department
Jerry L. Dove, Special Agent4/11/1986US Department of Justice - FBI
Benjamin P. Grogan, Special Agent4/11/1986US Department of Justice - FBI
Ephriam Brown, Officer6/3/1986Opa-Locka Police Department
James Mathis Beasley, Jr., Officer6/25/1986Sweetwater Police Department
David Wayne Herring, Officer9/3/1986Miami Police Department
Emilio Fidel Miyares, Officer11/6/1986Hialeah Police Department
Laverne Daniel Schulz, Officer11/27/1987South Miami Police Department
Victor Estefan, Officer3/31/1988Miami Police Department
William Don Craig, Officer6/21/1988Miami Police Department
Scott Richard Rakow, Officer6/30/1988Miami Beach Police Department
David Henry Strzalkowski, Officer11/28/1988Metro-Dade Police Department
Richard Allen Boles, Officer11/28/1988Metro-Dade Police Department
Jose Teodoro Gonzalez, Officer3/28/1989Metro-Dade Police Department
George Reyes Saenz, Jr., Special Agent11/2/1989US Department of the Treasury - Customs Service
Joseph Preston Martin, Officer4/27/1990Metro-Dade Police Department
Thomas James Leis, Lieutenant4/29/1990Metro-Dade Police Department
Charles Brian Stafford, Officer6/11/1991Miami Springs Police Department
Donald Dante Thornbury, Officer10/28/1991Miccosukee Police Department
Steven Ernest Bauer, Sergeant1/3/1992North Miami Police Department
Robert H. Bonnett, Officer1/17/1992Coral Gables Police Department
Osvaldo Canalejo, Officer10/13/1992Miami Police Department
Pedro Antonio Cainas, Sergeant11/19/1992Hialeah Police Department
Evelyn Gort, Detective10/30/1993Metro-Dade Police Department
Lynette Anita Hodge, Sergeant11/16/1993North Miami Police Department
Carmen Gonzalez, Officer11/28/1993Miami-Dade Police Department
Meredith Thompson, Special Agent8/27/1994US Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration
Leonard Trudeau, Corrections Officer1/16/1995Miami-Dade Department of Corrections
Carlos Santiago, Officer5/30/1995Miami Police Department
Theodore J. Lozada, Corrections Officer8/4/1995Miami-Dade Department of Corrections
Robert Vargas, Officer2/7/1997Metro-Dade Police Department
Richard Wentlandt, Officer3/15/1997Metro-Dade Police Department
Robert G. Smith, Trooper7/26/1997Florida Highway Patrol
Shaun E. Curl, Senior Special Agent12/12/1997US Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration
Rueben I. Jones, Officer10/5/1998Miami-Dade Police Department
Roberto Calderon, Officer12/7/1999Miami-Dade Police Department
Randall Ross Kugler, Detective3/10/2000Miami-Dade Police Department
Michael D. McLane, Deputy Sergeant5/15/2000Coral Gables Police Department
William Williams, Officer7/3/2000Miami Police Department
Theodore Zorsky, Officer1/8/2002Key Biscayne Police Department
Nirza Rodriguez, Officer5/5/2003Miami-Dade Police Department
Orestes J. Lorenzo, Detective7/9/2004North Miami Beach Police Department
Rosa I. Echevarria, Corrections Officer6/5/2007Miami-Dade Department of Corrections
Jose Lazaro Somohano, Officer9/12/2007Miami-Dade Police Department
James Walker, Detective1/8/2008Miami Police Department
Giovanni Gonzalez, Officer6/16/2009Miami-Dade Police Department
Patrick Ambroise, Trooper5/15/2010Florida Highway Patrol
Amanda Haworth, Officer1/20/2011Miami-Dade Police Department
Roger Castillo, Officer1/20/2011Miami-Dade Police Department
Tony Koga, Officer3/8/2011Homestead Police Department
Dwight Blackman, Jr, Officer8/7/2015US Customs and Border Protection
Henry McAleenan, Jr. , Officer3/6/2016Miami-Dade Police Department
Jorge Ramos, Sergeant5/1/2016Florida Department of Corrections
Jorge Sanchez, Major11/1/2016Miami Police Department
Rickey O'Donald, Officer2/17/2017US Department of Justice - FBI
Tawanna Marin, Officer6/18/2018Florida Department of Corrections
Larry Emilio Marrero, Sergeant11/28/2018Miami Beach Police Department
Jermaine Brown, Officer12/12/2018Miami-Dade Police Department
Steven Greco, Sergeant2/16/2019Miccosukee Police Department
Jairo Antonio Bravo, Officer7/30/2020Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation
Aubrey Travis Johnson, Jr., Officer10/1/2020Miami Police Department
Juan Llanes, Officer2/1/2021Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation
Laura Ann Schwartzenberger, Special Agent2/2/2021US Dept. of Justice- FBI
Daniel Alfin, Special Agent2/2/2021US Dept. of Justice- FBI
Horacio Dominguez - Officer2/21/2021Miccosukee Police Department
Alexey Aguilar - Officer4/23/2021Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation
David Jean-Baptiste - Officer5/1/2021Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation
Lazaro R. Febles, Trooper8/14/2021Florida Highway Patrol
Yokemia Letriz Conyers - Officer8/18/2021US Customs and Border Protection
Edward Perez, Officer8/19/2021Miami Beach Police Department
Erik James Skelton - Officer8/24/2021US Customs and Border Protection
David Saavedra- Senior Officer9/21/2021US Customs and Border Protection
Terrell Jordan - Corporal9/29/2021Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation
Calyne St. Val - Officer10/1/2021Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation
Sylvia Allen - Officer10/4/2021Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation
Cesar "Echy" Echaverry - Officer8/17/2022Miami-Dade Police Department
Jose Antonio Perez - Special Agent8/20/2022Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Monroe / Key West

Frank E. Adams, Deputy Sheriff10/7/1901Monroe County Sheriff
Clarence K. Till, Officer3/10/1904Key West PD
Norman Alving Drew, Officer12/18/1975Key West PD
Donald Pawlizak, Officer4/21/1983Correctional - Big Pine Key
David Jerome Cormier, Reserve Deputy Sheriff11/19/1989Monroe County Sheriff
Michael John Alexander, Deputy Sheriff5/3/1998Monroe County Sheriff
John Michael Piskator, Detective1/23/2003Key West PD
Robin Tanner, Deputy Sheriff12/13/2007Monroe County Sheriff
Nick P. Pham, Deputy Sheriff11/26/2008Monroe County Sheriff
Melissa J. Powers, Deputy Sheriff6/22/2010Monroe County Sheriff