We never forget.

The Police Memorial, which is located in Tropical Park, was established in 1980 to honor fallen officers from every police department and law enforcement agency in Miami-Dade County. The original triple granite structure was unveiled in May 1981, and remains an integral part of the site.

In 2001, four black granite walls were erected; etched with the names of the gallant men and women who died serving the citizens of their community. Today, 143 names grace those hallowed walls.

Two five-foot high towers were added to the site in 2002 to commemorate the law enforcement officers who were killed at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001.

The Police Memorial stands in South Florida as a tribute to heroism and sacrifice.

The Police Officer Assistance Trust (POAT) is responsible for the care and preservation of the Police Memorial and has sworn to safeguard the memory of each officer lost in the line of duty.

Courtesy of the POAT website.