Robin Pinkard


Through her position as Chaplain, Sergeant Robin Pinkard is responsible for administering to the needs of sick and injured members.

Robin began her law enforcement career in 2001, serving first as a Public Service Aide for Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD), in what is now the South District.

After two years in that position, Robin successfully applied for and was accepted to the MDPD’s police academy. Upon graduation, she served as a uniformed patrol officer in the Kendall District and was then assigned to the Kendall District’s Team Police Unit, where she spent five years. Robin then transferred to the Kendall District’s Community Response Squad.

In May 2013, Robin transferred to the Media Relations Section of the Public Information & Education Bureau, as an MDPD Public Information Officer. Robin was promoted to Sergeant in October 2018 and is currently assigned to the South District, Neighborhood Resource Unit.