Al Lopez


Through his position as Chaplain, Al Lopez leads the South Florida PBA’s religious efforts, plans and executes the annual Feast Day Celebration of St. Michael, and is the first point of contact for any shootings, accidents, or officer deaths.

Coming to South Florida from New York City, Lopez served as a Detective in the Miami-Dade Police Department for 29 years. After retiring, Lopez joined the South Florida PBA as first, a Board Member, and later, Sergeant-At-Arms. Today, he has been Chaplain for 14 years, where he continues to proudly serve his brothers and sisters in uniform.

Representing those brave enough, strong enough and proud enough to wear the badge.


10680 PBA Memorial Boulevard
(NW 25th Street)
Doral, FL 33172

(305) 593-0044

(305) 593-1901

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