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  • Robert's Review, September 2018
    Updated On: Sep 05, 2018
    ROBERT DAVIS, Sgt.-At-Arms

    The month of September is here. Wow, this year is flying by. Although we are more than halfway through the year, a lot of people don’t realize that this new administration here at the PBA has only been on the job for seven months. Despite the short time on the job, we have changed the culture here at the PBA ensuring that we are more member services oriented. This can be seen in the types of events that we have hosted with all members are more than welcome to attend. We have had record numbers at all of our events and I am looking forward to our future events. 
    On September 26th, I will assist in hosting another Heart Bill seminar and Workers’ Compensation seminar. The purpose for the seminar is to inform our members about their rights and the legal process. An attorney who specializes in Workers’ Compensation cases will be here at the PBA, and you will be free to ask any questions you like. These types of seminars really help our members understand what their rights are and how sometimes, when the County denies your claim, what your next step should be. Our last seminar was attended by 35 members which proved to me that this was valuable information to our members. 

    Our next major issue is the contract. Hopefully soon we will have some good news for you. I am assured by our President that negotiations are going well and we are close to having something to present to our members. 

    I am also aware about the ‘U’ that the department is insisting on giving whenever you call in for emergency leave. Now let me get this straight, I am a County employee and because of that, I am awarded leave time depending on my years of service. Now when I use my awarded leave time in an emergency, I am penalized and given a ‘U’ which means I won’t get paid even if I have the time. It doesn’t seem right to me. Everyone is aware that the department might have abusers of emergency leave, but here is a thought: go after them. When you try to lump everyone together and try to use scare tactics it doesn’t work. It hasn’t been working so with Corrections. By our very nature, Correctional Officers are not scary people, and the Department should realize this by now and address us accordingly. Is that asking for too much? As in the past, the PBA will address this issue and the department won’t like it. Anyone remember the 10% days off change that they had to change back? I­t seems like this is our new challenge and we are determined to get a resolution that our members deserve. It’s funny to me how the department implements these changes in an effort to prevent overtime and most do nothing to stop it. If anything, all it does is piss people off and cause them to call in more. But hey, I’m just a union representative, what do I know. 

    As always, in closing, stay safe out there. 

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