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  • Robert's Reviews - June 2017
    Updated On: Jun 05, 2017
    ROBERT DAVIS, PBA Sergeant-At-Arms

    The month of June is upon us. Can you believe that half the year is gone already? So far, what a busy year it’s been. 

    Let’s get right to it. I have received numerous phone calls about the days off policy that is now in effect. Let me start by saying that the PBA does not agree with the changes that were made and we have put the department on notice, that these changes were a violation of the contract. After meeting with the Director, the PBA understands his need to act, to try and control the overtime issues the department continues to have. But it’s obvious this is not the solution. Now here is the story the Director is trying to make his interim position permanent and is trying to show his boss that he is doing something about the overtime that is still out of control. These drastic actions only further alienate the command staff from the actual front line workers. We work under the most stressful conditions in the worst environments and now they’re going to try and make it more difficult to get a day off to spend with your families? Unacceptable. 

    The PBA has filed an Unfair Labor Practice lawsuit against Miami-Dade Corrections requesting the days off practice goes back to the way it was negotiated for in the contract. This new policy does not fix the issue about people abusing leave, it just seems to lump everyone together so that the good suffer with the bad. Here is a thought: if you have people abusing leave, no matter what type it is, how about doing a proper investigation and then disciplining those individuals accordingly? Everyone should not have to suffer for the actions of a small few. Facilities have been closed staffing has been cut to be bare minimum and still overtime is out of control. The only way to stop it is hire more officers as the ones who are currently working are leaving this department as fast as they can. Policies like this don’t help the situation one bit. It only makes officers more upset and frustrated that they are always working uphill. 

    As of printing of this article, the suit would have been filed. The only problem is it might take several months to get the case heard. Unfortunately, during that time this ridiculous policy will be in place. Wow, sounds like Corrections is going to have a lot of call-ins. 

    As always, in closing, stay safe out there.

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