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  • Pablo's Pullitas - September 2017
    Updated On: Sep 01, 2017
    PABLO LIMA, PBA Vice President

    Welcome Back! Thank you for your valuable time. It is with a heavy heart as I write these words regarding the untimely passing of former PBA President and Miami-Dade Police Department Sergeant Nelson Perry. He leaves behind beloved family members and extended MDPD family. I send my heartfelt condolences to all those who loved him. May he rest in peace – for he has certainly earned it. 
    Most of us law enforcement officers do not like to think about our death, and certainly don’t plan for it. It took me a long time to put my thoughts together and create a will and make burial plans. For our PBA members in good standing, your stellar legal team provides many services free-of-charge, which include real estate closings, wills, adoption and uncontested divorces (I emphasize uncontested divorces). We’ve also teamed up with Vista Memorial Gardens to obtain additional benefits for you, and as a member they offer you and your immediate family reduced rate burial plans. For further information please give me a call at the PBA.

    Every month I try to cover informative topics that are hopefully helpful or useful to your career – and in your hard earned and well-deserved retirement. Speaking of retirement, I will be coordinating another financial planning seminar at our PBA hall. These sessions cover financial planning, tax minimization and a review of the latest economic trends and investment vehicles, as they pertain to law enforcement personnel and your years post-retirement. Most of us police officers are not financial wizards, so don’t try to do it on your own. You’ve worked too hard for that nest egg to compromise it! I coordinate these seminars with trained professionals to ensure YOU are well prepared for life after public service.

    Graduation of BLE 116

    I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with the newest members of MDPD. It was heartwarming to see second or third generation law enforcement graduates who followed their bloodline’s passion for service. Welcome to the family and I wish you a safe and productive career.  Remember – it’s all about the journey not the destination. Should you need any assistance from an old timer (not that old…), I along with your PBA am here to guide and protect your rights. My cell phone is always open for your calls. 

    Supervision and Leadership

    Leaders are not always formal supervisors, and formal supervisors are not always leaders. I recently had  a conversation with a close friend who was promoted to the rank of sergeant this year. I was impressed by his commitment to his squad and in the manner that he trains them on a regular basis. He also takes the time out to properly document his officers’ positive performance so that they may receive the accolades they deserve. We didn’t join the law enforcement profession to get a pat on the back, but it sure is nice to receive one once in a while. Methodical documentation is paramount as it relates to injury reports and performance. For instance -workman’s compensation have deadlines and failure to properly document it may result in the employee losing his or her rightful benefits. 
    Contract Negotiations
    Your PBA team, under the leadership of President Rivera, has secured several significant collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) so far this year. There are other CBAs in the process, such as MDPD and Corrections. As always we’ll keep you informed on the status and any formal meetings. 


    I along with your PBA team have been extremely busy keeping up (and fighting) with your current state and local government and their anti law enforcement stance/s. During some of the Heart Bill seminars I’ve received feedback from members on how the face-to-face sessions are useful, helpful and appreciated- and that more are needed. You’ve asked for them, and I have listened. Expect to see my shiny baldhead in your work assignments in the near future (and by the way, the first colada is on me). But if there’s a question or a concern you have now, don’t wait for the colada to ask – call me anytime!
    What Would You Like Us To Do Better (If Anything)?

    While I pride myself to be part of an incredible team at the PBA (there are so many that contribute to the success and to protect your rights - and as I always say, there is no I in TEAM - and do we have the best one ever!) - I am interested to know what you think we can do better. Are we addressing your concerns? If not- I’ll be more than happy to address them. One of the perks of being a retiree is being able to speak the truth without having to be politically correct or have to worry about repercussion from command staff (not that it ever stopped me!), so let me be YOUR voice! 

    In closing, please be informed on our issues and help us support those who support you. I welcome your comments at pablo@dcpba.org or call me at: (305) 593-0044 or my cell at (305) 450-9051. For those who are active on social media contact me via Facebook @pablolima or via Instagram @pablopba. If I don’t have the answer, we have seven in-house attorneys as well as an outstanding support staff who do!

    Again, I thank you for your time and more importantly, for the job you do. Please make sure to protect yourself and your partner at all times. Remember, your PBA is always working to protect your rights, and we thank you for the opportunity to do so.

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