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  • Pablo's Pullitas - June 2017
    Updated On: Jun 05, 2017
    PABLO LIMA, PBA Vice President

    Who is the PBA, and What Do We Do For You, Our Members? 

    We at the PBA are strong law enforcement supporters. Most of us have worked in the field for over thirty years; and some of us are still doing the thankless job that you do. We fight vigorously for your rights and ensure that your wages and retirement are compensatory to the job that you do! We have seven (7) in-house attorneys that are worth their weight in gold!! Throughout my 36 years in law enforcement (yes, I started at 7 years old – that’s my story and I am sticking to it, no matter what my Driver’s License says), I have worked in many tactical units but have never experienced the comradery and the passion to serve as my co-workers possess at the PBA.

    This passion stems from the hard work that you do each and every day being as we say, the brave and strong enough to be the thin line between chaos and tranquility. We are proud to protect the protectors; to attend events; networking; lobbying - whatever it takes - WE are there for YOU! We are there strengthening our relationships with those who impact your livelihood. We at the PBA are similar to intelligence units, in fact, some of our best work you’ll never hear about! Not because we don’t want to be transparent, it’s just how the political arena is structured! You can only make a difference while you’re in the game!

    Florida Legislative Session 2017

    This year’s session has finally ended. The Sheriff’s Bill died not because of its merits but due to the full court press by certain individuals whom did not want to relinquish power, or better yet said, who didn’t want a chance of being investigated – and I’ll leave it at that – you can fill in the blanks. 

    Your PBA team with support of our legislator friends, once again, were able to squash several attempts to negatively impact your pensions. We need to stay vigilant and support those legislators who support the law enforcement community. So remember to vote and have your friends and family vote the PBA way!

    Heart and Lung Bill

    During the last couple of months, I had the pleasure of coordinating several informative sessions on the Heart and Lung Bill. The seminars were conducted at your PBA hall and at several work sites, including TGK and DCJ. We covered all three shifts, and boy do I not miss working those midnight shifts anymore (but I tip my hat off to those of you who still do)!

    These seminars revealed a lack of information, or let’s just say misinformation, (but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt), being provided to you by some of the program personnel trying to save money for their municipalities. 

    But fear not, your PBA has established an A-Team to address these concerns. We have partnered with the Kelley Law Group, headed by attorney Paul Kelley, who comes from a long bloodline of law enforcement professionals. Attorney Kelly sits on numerous boards concerning workmen’s comp, and has years of experience protecting government workers. Part of this team includes the pharmaceutical component, headed by Cici Seda of Our Pharmacy Network (OPN). Cici and her husband, Mark Seda, also come from law enforcement bloodline. The pharmaceutical component ensures that you receive the brand name medications and NOT the generic (and sometimes less effective) version of these medications that saves municipalities money, but comes at the cost of YOUR health. OPN safeguards that you receive your medications on a timely manner, while they deal with the bureaucracy and delays that come with it. They are the only pharmacy company that I know of that puts your health first and the all mighty dollar last. Stay tuned- I will be coordinating more sessions in the near future. Should you need additional information right away, please call me at the PBA. Note that I speak from personal experience as I have been a client of both for several years.

    Miami-Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation

    As I mentioned above, I recently spent some significant time at the Miami-Dade County jail facilities educating our correctional brothers and sisters about their rights under the Heart and Lung Bill, and I was amazed at how these professionals conduct such vital services in such deplorable work environmental conditions. Let’s start with their clientele, let’s just say, not the best people in society. Not to mention working with outdated equipment and lack of training. Some of these facilities are in such physical disarray. PBA President John Rivera best describes them as modern day dungeons. Rest assured that your PBA team is working diligently to address the above concerns; but in the meanwhile protect yourself and your partner at all times. Use proper officer safety tactics and be sure to thoroughly document those required incidents. And should you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at the PBA.

    Introducing Pablo’s Monthly #AskPablo Segment

    As part of my duties at the PBA I have the privilege to address your concerns. I’ve noticed that I’m often asked the same question by members. In an effort to best address all of you I’m starting this monthly section. All you have to do is use the hash tag #AskPablo on my Instagram or Facebook page, and ask away. Now, let’s cover some frequently asked questions about the Heart and Lung Bill.

    #AskPablo Question: Does the H & L Bill cover non-sworn personnel? 
    Answer: I am sorry, but it doesn’t. It only covers police officers, correctional officers, firefighters and probation officers.

    #AskPablo Question: To be covered by the H & L Bill do I have to be on duty when a heart related 
    emergency occurs? 
    Answer: No! Let me repeat that, NO! You are covered 24/7 no matter where the heart related incident occurs.

    To learn more about your rights, please make sure to attend one of my upcoming sessions or call me at the PBA.

    In closing, please be informed on our issues and help us support those who support us. I welcome your comments at pablo@dcpba.org or call me at: (305) 593-0044. If I don’t have the answer, we have seven in-house attorneys, as well as an outstanding support staff, who do!

    Again, I thank you for your time and, more importantly, for the job you do. Please make sure to protect yourself and your partner at all times. 

    Remember, your PBA is always working to protect your rights, and we thank you for the opportunity to do so.

    Click here for Pablo's Pullitas archives.

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