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  • The Dade County PBA Legal Team: Who We Are
    Updated On: Feb 27, 2018

    Through the years, the PBA has amassed the most powerful legal team possible fighting for officer’s rights, growing from having one in-house counsel in 1984 to currently having seven in-house attorneys dedicated exclusively to our membership. Additionally, the PBA has an association with approximately 20 law firms, all specializing in different arenas and all with different backgrounds- we have attorneys that were Supreme Court Justices, local judges, prosecutors, civil attorneys, labor law pioneers and some who recognized their passion straight from law school.

    We have created law. We have won countless cases and we have represented our members in every legal forum. Whether it is in collective bargaining, at an appellate court, a trial court, an arbitration, a shooting scene, the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, an investigation or an internal affairs statement, the PBA attorneys are here for our membership.

    What sets us apart is our commitment to representing “the good guys.” We do what we do because it is who we are. We believe in it and it is our honor to serve our members. Our members do not need to go through an approval panel to access the attorneys. There is no approval process and the attorneys are there 24/7.

    Following you will read excerpts from some of the attorneys who represent you and what it has meant to them to be a PBA attorney. They share some stories, some memories and some history:

    • “I became a prosecutor because I wanted to make a difference. I believed, and still do, in good vs. evil. I believe that without those that are willing to stand up for what is right, society is lost. I came to the PBA to continue making a difference. And, I like to think that I have. At least I know I have tried. Injustice infuriates me and there is no greater honor as an attorney than representing those who are willing to lay down their life so that my children can grow up in a peaceful world. I I take great pride in what we do and I simply can’t imagine doing anything else.”

    • “I consider so many of my clients friends, and that makes the endless hours and the middle of the night wake up calls all worth it. From my foul-mouth, funny, bold example of what a supervisor should be, to my kick-ass rough and tough guys, to my humble servants, I will fight to the death for you. I truly feel like the overprotective mama bear that would do anything to protect her cubs. And, like a true mother, I know my children are not perfect…but they are MY children and nobody better say anything about them!”

    • “I can tell you that each instance that I have fought for one of you, that I have lost sleep thinking about a case, that I have slammed down a phone, thrown something, yelled at someone and, yes, even shed a tear, I have done it out of passion for what I do and for what you do. I remember addressing an academy class one time and telling them, that as an attorney nothing is more rewarding, more important and more fulfilling than representing those who serve and protect.  I actually got choked up while saying it and, yes, I did get made fun of, but I meant it!”

    • “Over the years, I have attended too many police funerals. I hope never to have to attend another, because this world needs more heroes, not less. I believe in the importance of attending tributes and paying homage to those who paid the ultimate price. I wholeheartedly believe that it IS our duty to remember and honor each one so that their legacy and their commitment to duty are NEVER forgotten. It is the least we can do.”

    Most people have no idea what an officer does, sees and deals with.  We are humbled by what you do, we are empowered by knowing you, and mostly, we are grateful for you.  And so, the way we see it, standing up for you, representing “the good guys” is as good as it gets. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

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