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Left to right: PBA General Cousel Andrew Axelrad, Esq.; PBA Executive Director Blanca T. Greenwood, Esq.; PBA Secretary & Staff Counsel, Luis Fuste, Esq.; and PBA Staff Counsel Brendan Coyle, Esq., at the foot of the steps of the First District Court of Appeal in Tallahassee, FL.

By Stephanie M. Womble,

On the heels of Mayor Gimenez giving his State of the County Address, an appellate court ruled that Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez does not have the authority to veto an impasse hearing. (See the highlighted opinion below). The court ruled that the Mayor cannot veto an impasse hearing that has been resolved by the Commission. The case dealt with the imposition of a second (additional) 5% that the Mayor wanted taken out of employees’ paychecks – ostensibly for healthcare.

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No news Miami-Dade

It seems as if the County is in no rush to reach an agreement with the five remaining units regarding the contract. Those remaining units are Fire, Water and Sewer, Transit, and the PBA’s rank and file and supervisory units. In the meantime, Mayor Gimenez is spending like there is no tomorrow, and his lost puppy puppet, Communications Director Mike Hernandez, is miserably attempting to tout the stalemate as being political on our part. The truth is that with Gimenez everything is political, and remains political simply because the Mayor has kept it so. All of the Mayor’s actions are for his political expediency and not for the good of the community or the workers.

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By Steadman Stahl, Executive Vice President

I hope everyone has recovered from last month’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities. They say the day after the Super Bowl is known for the highest numbers of employees who call in sick, however I believe that St. Patrick’s Day has to run a close second. With all that corned beef & cabbage consumed and topped off with green beer.

Last month, I had the treat of attending Mayor Gimenez’ ‘State of the County’ speech which he called “Turning the Corner.” I’m not quite sure what corner he’s turning on, but this County has been a mess since he’s been at the helm.

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By Pablo Lima, Vice President

A Big Legal WIN!!
Welcome back! What a month! As I have stated before, our PBA legal team ROCKS! By now, you all should have heard that last month the PBA won a landmark lawsuit. The Florida First District Court of Appeal ruled that the Mayor does not have veto power during an impasse hearing. Can you say “HUGE WIN?” The lawsuit stemmed from the 2011 contract negotiations during which the PBA and Mayor Gimenez agreed to have the County Board of Commissioners settled an impasse regarding an additional five percent employee contribution for “health insurance.” After hearing the presentation, the Board voted in our favor. Mayor Gimenez in his typical “marañas,” vetoed the Board’s decision and threatened layoffs.

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