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SeptCoverartBy Stephanie M. Womble,

Imagine sitting down to prepare your budget and allocating dollars into categories that weren’t imperative to your well-being or the safety and survival of your family, yet instead hoping that a windfall from the generosity of people who don’t trust or like you, would miraculously happen overnight to save the day and bail you out. That’s apparently what Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez decided to do when he prepared his proposed budget. What the mayor has proposed and calls his “worst case” budget and “not the budget he wants,” proposes a situation where officers who are already working dangerously short staffed will continue to do so with fewer detectives making arrests. If public safety isn’t reprioritized within the budget, there is no question that services will suffer. It will be impossible to maintain an adequate level of safety when there is no one left to respond to citizen’s needs.

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Congratulations Ann
I want to congratulate Ann Petel on her retirement from the PBA! Ann worked as a PBA legal secretary for 27 years. Ann was with us for many of our biggest fights. We thank her for her support and hard work. There is no question that her dedication impacted the lives of many of our members. Annie, we will miss you but we know you won’t be a stranger you will always be part of our family. Enjoy your retirement.

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By Steadman Stahl, Executive Vice President

Last month the Miami Herald reported that the Miami-Dade County Aviation Department is recommending scrapping “Airport City.” This project has been in the works for the last six years and has cost taxpayers millions of dollars which, at the time of this writing, appears to be another boondoggle by this county’s administration.

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